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Feb 12, 2024

Recently me and my boyfriend have been sharing about original characters and stories we've done in the past, and he's gotten me looking back at my old Toyhouse account and I feel like there's so much I want to redo or redesign now, lol. Compared to what my boyfriend is doing, it's very minimal (his stuff is so good and so creative, it's crazy to me that someone I know and am this close to can be so creative, it feels like something limited to, like, established creatives that Comic-Cons beg for like Neil Gaimann), but lord knows if I'll ever get the time, lol. I just barely started drawing a bit again (again because of my boyfriend, he made a MLP Infection AU oc and so I made one as well and I've been slowly whittling away at a drawing of them together) and it's like the last thing on my list of responsibilities, unfortunately, even of my hobbies (I have a performance on Thursday with a group for a campus Oldies Night, playing bass for Yesterday by the Beatles).
I think my to-do list drawing-wise, in order, probably is...

1. Finish the pony drawing (I'm like... almost done with the lineart. It's hard getting back in the groove, lol.)
2. Draw and redesign this old character, probably with a more scenecore aesthetic, and find a name for him (it was originally Kai but jesus no why did I do that)
3. Draw and name this character.

Then I don't know after that. That's already a pretty big to-do list for someone without a lot of spare time. I also need to just... find my style again. It's been different over the years, I think the last I was drawing I was preferring a thick line, angular style, probably an influence from the artist Yugo Limbo. I do like that, I'd love to keep some of that influence, but I think my first point of order is. Making art... at all.

This Monday morning lecture I have is still as deranged as always. The professor said like twice that she likes her lecture because it gives her power. If people are quiet and don't answer her questions she begins to complain that the lecture isn't required and if we don't want to be here we can just leave (ignoring the fact lecture materiel is needed for the required discussion section and quizzes). She also revealed this class that she used to be a high school teacher which makes a lot of sense, she's got that desire for control over people that typically works better in a high-school classroom and not so much in a room full of adults who aren't paying money to have a woman who looks like Ms. Briggs from iCarly to scold them for needing to leave early or just wanting to take their goddamn notes. Yeesh. At least the class is otherwise easy.

signing off for now,

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